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User Guide for Scala Designer 5 is now available for download


We've been hard at work revising the Designer 5 documentation.  We have a new manual available that is up-to-date through Release 4, and has many other improvements.  Go to http://www.scala.com/updates and enter your Designer serial number, then click


Download Designer 5 Release 4 Users Guide



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now I'll be in touch..

need user guide

Go to http://www.scala.com/updates, and enter your product serial number. The User Guide will be available for download. For Content Manager, you have to click Older Downloads because the User Guide is still at Release 4 (we are working to update it to Release 5).



The user guide is NOT available on that page. After entering the license number and going to the downlods page, you must first click 'view older documents.' This will bring you to another page which includes the full user Guide. Of course, SCALA documentation is infamous for leaving out pertinent information or organizing it illogically (such as instructions for setting up Player, where the manual informs the user they must first assign a channel, and the instructions for doing so come three pages later).

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for pointing that out. We fixed it this morning so the User Guides are available without having to click "Show Older Scala Downloads".

We've done a lot of work on improving the User Guides and the Quick Start Guide, and we're always working to make them better. I'll forward your comments along.



There's no link there...its just text. Did the link get removed or is it just broken?


The page at http://www.scala.com/updates was briefly down yesterday, but it looks fine to me today. Please let me know if you are still having troubles. Drop me a note at peter.cherna@scala.com if you need further assistance.

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